Internationalization requires an appropriate strategy in approaching markets and customers properly, optimizing the resources invested and achieving the goals that have been set.

CFI can go along with companies in every step of the export operations or foreign investment projects. We have the right experience and a strong network of international partners specializing in market research, legal affairs, lobbying, logistics, etc.

CFI also works with public and private institutions on programs that boost companies’ internationalization within their geographical area or operational sector.

CFI assists its clients in selecting the most suitable countries and customers, analyzing operations, producing reports, detecting opportunities, helping in the selection of strategic partners and suppliers and supporting them in negotiations to achieve successful export or foreign investment operations.
Professionals at CFI cooperate with their customers in designing the right strategy to achieve a financial offer that betters the competition and eliminates risks in export and foreign investment operations. We can resolve such key aspects as the choice of the right financial structure, bank or insurance company, the search for investment capital, or the optimization of resources, allowing our clients to focus their efforts on the main objective: operational success, profitability and security.
In order to secure success on international projects, it is crucial to have a thorough knowledge of the services, products and decision-making process of the public and private institutions involved, both in Spain and internationally. Since its origins, CFI has offered to its costumers its professional expertise in this area.