24 May 2012

Exports by companies based in Aragon reach an historic record

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Exports of Aragón based companies have increased by 70% in the last ten years, reaching an historic record in 2011. Between 2001 and 2011, sales in international markets have grown from 5,441 to 9.282 million Euros.

The keys for this rising are found in the diversification of both, destinations and products, the increase of the weight of leading industrial sectors (such as electrical equipment, plastics, paper, metal and food) and the thrust of SMEs, according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza .

In 2011, Germany continued to be the largest market for companies of Aragón, although France was getting closer. Among the top 25 destinations for the products Aragón, there is a remarkable growth of new markets such as Mexico (156.5%) or Japan (144 , 7%).

By sector, automobiles were still the most exported item, while industries such as metal, electrical equipment, plastics and food maintained their strength in recent years.

Two facts demonstrate the Aragonese export diversification: 75% of sales are directed to the European Union (while 10 years this percentage exceeded 80%), and the automotive sector accounts for 40%, while in the decade of the 90’s, this figure was close to 70%.