08 May 2012

Gamesa bids for offshore wind energy

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Gamesa, technological leader in the field of wind energy,has decided to initiate the procedure to install its first offshore 5.0 MW prototype, in the dock of Arinaga (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain). The set-up and installation of this prototype is expected during the second quarter of 2013.

This offshore prototype will be the first offshore wind generator installed in Spain. The chosen location will also allow optimizing of investments in manufacturing and transport, all the components in it being built in Gamesa facilities in Spain. The Spanish company has designed and developed this offshore platform, with a rotor of 128 m. diameter, and a modular redundant design which ensures liability and maximizes energy output.

Gamesa is also taking steps towards the installation of an industrial offshore base. Negotiations have started with Leith (Scotland) harbor authorities in order to establish the base, which would include two plants for buiding blades and nacelles, as well as harbor, logistics and maintenance operations.

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